Project: Denison High School Stadium Improvements

Denison, Iowa

This project was a two-phased approach to help the Denison Community School District improve their track and field facility that frequently was unusable due to inadequate stormwater management and storm sewer infrastructure. Minimal rain events would cause the field to flood resulting in the regular cancellation of activities. The first phase focused on storm sewer improvements that nearly quadrupled the capacity of the system and helped to eliminate flooding. The second phase was reconstruction of the running track and playing field. A brand new 8-lane running track was installed and the natural grass playing field was converted to synthetic turf.

We knew the mission was accomplished when the activities director told Lamp Rynearson that, for the first time in his tenure at Denison, he was able to sleep comfortably at night during rain events. He would no longer lay awake considering what activities needed to be canceled the next day.

Services provided by Lamp Rynearson included topographic survey, engineering design, bid administration and contract award, construction staking, and construction administration.