Project: Metro Community College Expansion

Omaha, Nebraska

It was time for a change. After serving North Omaha with 45 years of service, Fort Metro Community College (MCC) was near capacity with a burgeoning student population and aging infrastructure that resulted in regular flooding.

In need of flexible, collaborative spaces for students and instructors, MCC tasked Lamp Rynearson and a team of architects with the expansion of an existing 100+ year old historical campus. Their goal? Enhance and provide new energy into the college’s hands-on learning spaces to support their growing student body and prepare graduates for meaningful occupations in skilled trades blended with technology.

Three new buildings and the surrounding site were thoughtfully planned, designed, and built to bridge the gap of emerging technologies in the construction trade. In addition, extensive improvements and campus beautification significantly improved public access and the aesthetics of the college along street corridors. The new facilities will serve MCC and the surrounding community for decades to come as a collaborative, safe, and sustainable space for developing professionals.