Project: Platteview High School Stadium

Springfield, Nebraska

The Springfield Community School District needed to replace a tired stadium and gravel parking lot that no longer served the needs of their growing community. The goal was to create a destination for athletes, fans, and the community. With the help of Lamp Rynearson, the District now has a state-of-the art synthetic turf field and track, unlike any other in the region!

The stadium received extensive upgrades for field events to meet the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) requirements. Drainage concerns were remedied with utility service relocations that were also needed to install the turf field. Superintendent Brett Richards commented, “Lamp Rynearson’s communication throughout the project was fantastic. With their experience, they had great suggestions and ideas as to make the project what it turned out to be, which was a great product.”

Lamp Rynearson provided planning, civil design, stormwater managment, topographic survey and construction staking, and construction management services. Coordination with the County to ensure the new parking lot design would accommodate future profile changes to the street providing access was also led by our team.