Indoor Facilities

Rain or shine, an indoor pool or aquatic facility can bring year-round benefits to your community.
Let us sweat the details of helping you bring the outdoors in.


Your community is only one cannonball away from an island retreat. Our creative and collaborative team can help you create the local destination you've been dreaming of.

Aquatic Features

Build beautiful and immersive aquatic experiences and community centerpieces that help people play and connect.
Let the Lamp Rynearson team help - and let your imagination run wild.

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Aquatic and Pool Facilities

Planning to renovate or build an aquatic facility is an enormous undertaking, but the Aquatics team at Lamp Rynearson is ready to take the plunge with you!

Since designing our first swimming pool in 1948, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of aquatic projects for municipal and public clients throughout the Midwest. We’ll use our expertise, knowledge and proven approach to deliver the aquatic center that will be the centerpiece of your community for generations to come.


Bringing vision to life.

We strive to keep the details of your dream and big-picture goals in mind throughout the process. We’ll work to transform your vision into a tangible community asset, working with you every step of the way.

Whether your goal is to celebrate local history, create a modern destination or maximize constrained sites, our professional aquatics staff know how to manage complex technical demands of aquatic design and important details to turn your vision into reality. 

Papillion Community Center

Lamp Rynearson was the aquatics designer for this multi-use community pool.

Haysville Natatorium


Champions Run Splash Park

This one-of-a-kind structure has three slides, a 300-gallon tipping bucket, and numerous sprays and water cannons. Guests can also be greeted by a custom version of the Club’s mascot, the Kraken.

Marshfield Aquatic Center


Fairbury Swimming Pool
Charles E. Lakin YMCA
Alaskan Adventure Exhibit at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Marceline Swimming Pool
Parrot Island Aquatic Center
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A history of success.

In February of 2013, Larkin Aquatics merged with Lamp Rynearson, a civil engineering, surveying, planning and consulting firm with over 175 employees. The merger allowed both firms to expand the engineering services offered to clients, resulting in iconic projects like the Alaskan Adventure Exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.


Communities of all sizes trust us to help them plan, design, and construct successful swimming pool and aquatic park facilities that serve generations to come.

Why? Our full range of services simplifies the process, from planning to outreach to groundbreaking and beyond.

Andy Smith, PE
Kansas City, MO

New Aquatic Facility Design

A well-planned facility provides fitness and recreation – all in a safe environment. We will help you better understand the needs of your target market, clarify your goals and project the financial performance of your facility.

As one of the most experienced aquatic facility designers in the country, Lamp Rynearson can answer your questions about site selection, facility design, special features, traffic flow, costs, operations and maintenance. Gaining support throughout your community is a must.  We will work with you to gain support and secure project funding.

Renovations and Additions

From minor structural repairs to full-scale retrofits, the team at Lamp Rynearson is ready to get started. Our experts can show you how equipment upgrades, added play structures, or pool depth changes can revitalize your facility.

Fountain Design

Kansas City is known as The City of Fountains. Did you know that Lamp Rynearson was the engineering team for many of Kansas City’s most famous fountains?

A custom fountain can be a spectacular addition to virtually any indoor or outdoor space. Our design experts will help you create the impact you desire.  Whether you want your fountain centerpiece to attract attention to a particular area, provide entertainment, or simply break up space in an aesthetically pleasing way, we understand this process.

Facility Evaluations

Our experts begin by taking time to understand your community’s goals and budget.  Objectively assessing your existing facilities, equipment, and potential building sites will enable us to determine whether it makes good financial sense to renovate or build new.

Feasibility Studies

A detailed feasibility study is crucial to your project’s long-term success. We will identify what is needed to take your community’s aquatic facilities to the next level as we work with you to examine project goals, demographics, funding options, revenue projections, and operating costs.

Conceptual Planning

See your ideas come to life in a detailed 3D drawing! Our experts work with you to select the pool size, equipment, and water features that fit your project. A preliminary conceptual plan enables more accurate estimating of construction, operation, and maintenance costs.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Before incurring substantial costs, it’s important to determine the most cost-effective way to meet your community’s needs. Our life cycle cost analysis outlines the total cost of facility ownership from the start of the project through its entire life span. This puts everyone on the same page, minimizing the risk of surprise expenses down the road.

Bidding Services

Lamp Rynearson is not affiliated with any suppliers, but we can help you gather competitive bids from contractors in your area. We’ll interpret technical terms and variances to make sure the bids include quality materials and cover everything you requested. Our insight will help you select the right contractors for your project.

Construction Management Services

We can work hand-in-hand with the contractors you select to see that your needs are met. Involving us in the construction phase is the best way to help ensure every aspect of your facility is built with integrity, according to the agreed upon design specs and budget.


If you prefer to have a single point of accountability for your entire project from start to finish, Lamp Rynearson can accommodate you. We have a select set of top-notch construction contractors we are willing to partner with to create a unified design/build team for clients who desire a single source solution.

Fritz Caspar, Executive VP | Carrothers Construction

"Larkin (Lamp Rynearson) is exceptional to work with from the beginning stages of a project through opening day. The foremost reason being, they approach a project as a unified team consisting of the owner, designer, and contractor."