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Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities bring vitality, energy, and a sense of community to players and spectators alike. From K – 12 to higher education, our sports team experts ask questions to uncover stakeholder needs and determine the project’s vision. We work effectively with administrators, coaches, maintenance personnel, and the general public to select the best design option for you. Then we’ll provide layout and playing surface choices that are cost-effective and safe with minimal upkeep.


We bring a suite of solutions to our clients. Thinking not just about the immediate tasks in front of us, but also how we holistically evaluate the bigger picture and achieve your end goals. Count on our team for clear communication and ethical project management. Below are just a few of the projects we have had the pleasure to work on.


Buell Stadium Improvements
Denison High School Stadium Improvements
Cardinal Athletic Complex
Platteview High School Stadium
Colorado State University Track
Omaha South High School Collin Stadium
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Communities of all sizes trust us to help them plan, design, and construct successful athletic facilities and stadiums that serve generations to come.

Why? Our full range of services simplifies the process. Take a look at what we can do for you to bring your vision to life.

Joe Zadina, PE
Omaha, NE


Civil Design


Preliminary Planning/Feasibility Study


Land Surveying

Understanding that survey is a fundamental component in successful athletic facilities projects, Lamp Rynearson uses a variety of methods to collect data with accuracy and speed. Having provided surveys since 1959, our experience in traditional and innovative techniques ensure clients receive comprehensive deliverables for their project. Total Station and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) capabilities, unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology, ATVs, and radio controlled watercraft vehicles assist in effectively meeting your surveying needs.

Stormwater Management

Requirements for stormwater management have become more and more complex – we want to help keep you in compliance. Our highly skilled and experienced stormwater management team will support you from project inception to construction completion. We are meticulously familiar with local stormwater management requirements, FEMA flood plain requirements, and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations. We have experience in the design and monitoring of stormwater management and erosion control measures for municipal infrastructure and for residential, commercial, and institutional developments. To assist in decision-making, we offer CAD and GIS mapping services to create visual presentations of information.

Land Planning

An important component for cities, municipalities and developers alike our goal as land planners is to design the use of land, transforming it into a more desirable space while maintaining the quality of the environment and promoting conservation of the land resources. Understanding zoning and environmental regulations while anticipating the future is how we work with clients to help bring their vision into reality.

Landscape Architecture

When our landscape architecture team dreams of outdoor spaces, they see children running and playing on safe, interactive play features; communities coming together around pedestrian-orientated plazas; and wildlife thriving in environments modeled after mother nature herself. These visions and others help us translate our clients’ visions to beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs. From development of master plans to the most minute detail, we create places where people want to be.

Construction Services

Many engineering firms have project managers “double” as construction phase service providers. At Lamp Rynearson, we have experienced construction engineers involved in the construction phase of the project. From the start of their day to the end, construction engineers work strictly on projects providing specialized construction contract administration services. Diverse in talent and experience, our team members take on projects from $400 to $40,000,000 that may span a few hours or multiple years. We provide services for on-call contracts and specific projects, whether for private or public clients – all right in our wheelhouse.

“Lamp Rynearson provided excellent service from start to finish, with the design of the project all the way to overseeing the construction and ensuring it was done right... Lamp Rynearson’s communication throughout the project was fantastic. With their experience, they had great suggestions and ideas as to make the project what it turned out to be, which was a great product.”

~ Brett Richards, Superintendent Springfield Platteview Community Schools

"I first worked with Joe Zadina of Lamp Rynearson on a small project at an Elementary school in Southeast Omaha 8 years ago. I was immediately struck by his positive attitude and willingness to assist us in any way. He understood that although this was a small project, it was important to the Principal and the staff at the school. Since then I have come to rely on Joe and his team at Lamp Rynearson to provide timely and innovative solutions to issues as well as design for new structures and improvements […] They are our preferred civil engineering firm as they have shown time and again their willingness to partner with us on any project, large or small. I have worked with Lamp on several synthetic turf projects (replacement and new install) and all projects were great successes."

~ John Brennan, Project Manager - Millard Public Schools

“I’ve worked with Joe Zadina and Lamp Rynearson over the past 15+ years on many different projects in both my previous position with a different school district and with my current position and have had excellent results on all projects. Joe and his team are knowledgeable, thorough, committed and responsive to each and every project both big and small and are passionate about working for schools. I always look forward to working with Lamp Rynearson since I know we will have a successful project that is completed on time and within budget.”

~ Jeremy Madson, Facilities Project Manager – Formerly with Omaha Public Schools
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