Land Planning

Land Development and Redevelopment

With land planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and site planning – all available in-house, our land development team is ready to start turning your concept into reality. Whether your vision is a destination, commercial retail space, neighborhood, or condo project, our imaginative talents will bring your project to life as one of the most desirable places to live and work. Over 50 years of land development experience has provided us with the creative capabilities needed for your project and the technical expertise to allow for streamlined approvals by the regulatory agencies. Let us create you a design that is both cost-effective and timely.


The following projects demonstrate our firm’s experience.

Metro Community College Expansion
The Breakers Redevelopment Project
Shadow Lake Community Planning and Design
Riverfront Redevelopment and CHI Health Center
Omaha South High School Collin Stadium
Midtown Crossing
Grace Pointe Continuing Care Community
Capitol District
Aksarben Village
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Serving public and private clients of all sizes, Lamp Rynearson offers many services for those seeking land development or redevelopment services. Take a look at what we can do for you to bring your vision to life.

John Coolidge, PE
Omaha, NE

Pat Hillyer, PE, LEED®AP
Fort Collins, CO

Dan Miller, PE
Kansas City, MO


Land Planning

An important component for cities, municipalities and developers alike our goal as land planners is to design the use of land, transforming it into a more desirable space while maintaining the quality of the environment and promoting conservation of the land resources. Understanding zoning and environmental regulations while anticipating the future is how we work with clients to help bring their vision into reality.

Landscape Architecture

When our landscape architecture team dreams of outdoor spaces, they see children running and playing on safe, interactive play features; communities coming together around pedestrian-orientated plazas; and wildlife thriving in environments modeled after mother nature herself. These visions and others help us translate our clients’ visions to beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs. From development of master plans to the most minute detail, we create places where people want to be.

Survey Platting

Dividing a large piece of land into smaller parcels while weaving in essential properties such as roads, utilities, public right-of-way and greenspaces takes the kind of passion and professionalism we’ve been dedicated to for over 60 years. We’re known for creating and guiding a legally valid plat that complies with all zoning regulations approved by planning boards and across the finish line for our clients

Street & Utility Design

Understanding all the elements that need to exist within the limited space of a right-of-way is what we do. Our Transportation Engineers design all types of roadways for multi-modal traffic. From vehicles to bicycles to pedestrians we plan and design for the arterial needs now and for the future. Along with streets comes utility design and the importance of coordinating with municipalities and various stakeholders.

Grading & Drainage Design

Creating a grading and drainage plan solution that serves the site and goals of a development is one the ways our engineers and technicians have cultivated client loyalty. Some consider site grading an art and our team uses the latest technology to grade a site with proper drainage and getting approved designs through local Planning Boards/Commissions can be a difficult process. Our professionals are ready to guide your project through these hurdles and deliver a plan that accomplishes the development goals.

Construction Contract Administration

Many engineering firms have project managers “double” as construction phase service providers. At Lamp Rynearson, we have experienced construction engineers involved in the construction phase of the project. From the start of their day to the end, construction engineers work strictly on projects providing specialized construction contract administration services. Diverse in talent and experience, our team members take on projects from $400 to $40,000,000 that may span a few hours or multiple years. We provide services for on-call contracts and specific projects, whether for private or public clients – all right in our wheelhouse.

Construction Staking

Mapping out on a site where buildings and improvements will take place is just one of the ways we help transform your plans into a reality. Construction staking not only helps make sure that construction work is performed correctly but also helps a project manager anticipate challenges and design adjustments early. Understanding these processes, our team of surveyors and engineers can stake out project plans with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Commercial Site Design

Designing a commercial site development or redevelopment takes a collaborative thought process to provide the types of improvements our clients, their customers and the community is looking forward to. Whether it’s within tight constraints or over significant slopes we know how to optimize a design for functionality, stormwater, and landscape architecture while complying with local jurisdictions and commercial expectations.

“On almost all our projects and for many years, I’ve placed trust in [...] the Lamp Rynearson team. They are excellent communicators, understand local requirements and lead with professionalism. "

~Mike Moylan, Shamrock Development

"The Lamp Rynearson team has played a key position in some of the Noddle Companies most successful Omaha area redevelopment projects. Aksarben Village including the HDR headquarters, Playland Park and currently West Farm – we worked with Lamp Rynearson on them all. Whether in a lead or supportive role, I can rely the company to provide the leadership and technical skills the project requires. "

~ Jay Noddle, Noddle Companies

“The team at Lamp Rynearson listened carefully, applied their knowledge and expertise to our project. They were respectful of multiple opinions and carried out our vision for the community changing project in a challenging urban site. Our urban infill projects are challenging and can test the ability of the team to think not only outside of the box but stay within financial and time constraints. It’s important to us that we not only have the right team assembled but team members who can think both independently but come together collectively. Lamp Rynearson is Bluestone’s "go to" firm for all civil matters.”

~ Christian Christiansen, Owner – Bluestone Development

“Lamp Rynearson has worked with us on Midtown Crossing from initial planning to today. Midtown Crossing as a project was a collaboration among many members of a very large project team, and the team at Lamp Rynearson were critical to the efficient functioning of the team."

~ Ken Cook, Mutual of Omaha
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