Scanning Technology
Aerial photogrammetry


Understanding that survey is a fundamental component in successful project development, Lamp Rynearson uses a variety of methods to collect data with accuracy and speed. Having provided surveys since 1959, our experience in traditional and innovative techniques ensure clients receive comprehensive deliverables for their project. Robotic Total Stations, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), unmanned aerial drones and watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, and 3D scanning assist in effectively meeting your surveying needs safely and efficiently.


Embracing new technologies and traditional survey methods allow us to provide clients with the best tools for their job. Take a look at the variety of projects our survey professionals have helped bring to life!

Windsor 24-Inch Water Transmission Line
Hunters Overlook Dam and Reservoir
Platteview High School Stadium
Granby Flume Replacement
Heartwood Preserve Development
Riverfront Redevelopment and CHI Health Center
Offutt Air Force Base
Nicholas Street Sewer Extension
Multi-Well Pad Sites
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We bring a suite of solutions to our clients. Thinking not just about the immediate surveying tasks in front of us, but also how we holistically evaluate the bigger picture and achieve your end goals? Take a look at what we can do to bring your vision to life.

Warren Headlee, PLS
Omaha, NE

Laine Landau, PLS
Fort Collins, CO

Kellan Gregory, PLS
Kansas City, MO


Bathymetric Surveying

Sonar equipment mounted to either manned or unmanned boats gives Lamp Rynearson the ability to map the bottom of ponds, rivers, ditches, and lakes with increased accuracy. Clients use this data to maximize their water resources. Applications include measuring reservoir capacity, reservoir dredging planning, flood inundation studies, bridge structure sizing, and construction boring.

Aerial Drone Technology

With the use of an aerial drone, high definition camera, and photogrammetry, we can help you capture the “bigger picture” for your project. Applications include large outdoor spaces, volumetric surveys, orthomosaic photos, construction progress monitoring, updated photography, and site development and planning.

Scanning Technology

Lamp Rynearson has invested in scanning technology that increases efficiencies and enhances workplace safety. With our terrestrial and mobile scanners, we’re able to easily scan environments that are difficult to access or have hard to reach features. These hand-held and stationary sensors are our most versatile equipment to produce 3D point clouds that can be used to create 3D representations of the scanned environment. Applications include confined space, pipe network, and mechanical installations.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Our GIS team develops technically sound, long-term GIS solutions for government and private agencies. Services include: Systems Needs Assessments, Utility Mapping, 3D Mapping, Application Development, GIS/GPS Mapping & Training, CAD to GIS Conversion, Custom Cartography & Geocoding (locating). Learn more about our GIS services.

Topographic Surveys


Cadastral and Boundary Surveys


Construction Staking and Monitoring


Right-of-Way Surveys


ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys


Control Surveys


Quantity and Volume Surveys


Preparation of Legal Descriptions and Exhibits


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