Roadway Design

Designing arterials to improve the transportation and safety of drivers, deliveries and emergency vehicles is how our traffic engineers better our communities.

Education Campuses

Protecting all modes of traffic from drivers, to bicyclists to pedestrians, our transportation engineers can help create safe routes to schools.

Roundabout Design

By designing roundabouts traffic can continue flowing in a safe and sustainable way. Let us help bring these elements of safe driving to your project today.

Traffic Signals

Understanding how and when to add a traffic signal to an intersection requires...

Complete Streets

Experts in planning & designing streets in a way to enable safe access for multi-modal users of all ages and abilities regardless of their type of transportation.

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Safely and efficiently – These two words are goals in themselves when designing the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Specialized professionals in our office orchestrate the transportation details of highways, bridges, urban streets and arterials. The challenges you face in traffic circulation planning, alignment, right-of-way, and complying with local and state processes are areas our professionals are prepared to navigate with you.

Roadway Design
Traffic Signals
Traffic Studies
Campus Circulation Study
Complete Streets

Bringing vision to life.

From two lane rural roads to multi-lane arterial expansions to an urban road diet, our Transportation Team understands takes on the responsibility of creating a safe experience for the traveling public as shown in our projects below.

Shadow Lake Community Planning and Design
Offutt Air Force Base
Midtown Crossing
Capitol District
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Serving public and private clients of all sizes, Lamp Rynearson offers many services for those seeking assistance in traffic and transportation engineering. Take a look at what we can do for you to bring your vision to life.

Matt Kruse, PE, PTOE
Omaha, NE

Pat Hillyer, PE, LEED®AP
Fort Collins, CO

Dan Miller, PE
Kansas City, MO


Traffic Data Collection

By counting the number of vehicles using a road or collecting journey time information, we gather accurate data that reflects real world traffic situations. Whether using electronic counting boards or automatic methods like tube counters or radar our traffic engineers are trained in multiple methods of collecting traffic data.

Traffic Data Verification

By using various processes and techniques, we test to find and fix errors in the process of confirming traffic data is correctly implemented and assure the data matches specifications. The objective of data verification is to ensure any changes are correct and provide the best possible outcome for travelers.

Multi-Modal Planning

Our communities have diverse demands so planning for not just vehicles but for pedestrians, bicyclist and public transit too, our transportation engineers design for all modes of travel and how they connect to each other. Keeping all travelers moving efficiently and safely is our goal.

Traffic Studies

Investigation and evaluating a transportation system is how we help identify deficiencies and maximize solutions. Through a traffic impact study, we provide our clients with valuable data that will lead to informed decisions in planning for their roadways, intersections, schools and developments. These studies pave the way for all modes of transportation, ensuring safe access and identify parking demands.

Traffic Simulation

Using computer software, we simulate complicated transportation systems to better plan, design and operate these systems. Creating traffic models that simulate statistics, probabilities and even randomness for analyzing high traffic times and future needs for arterials, intersections, campuses and developments.

Roundabout Design

Minimizing delay while reducing the likelihood of collisions, roundabouts or traffic circles maximize safety without the use of a signal. These circular intersections are a great addition to residential neighborhoods because they reduce speed, protect pedestrians and have low maintenance costs. Let us design an aesthetically pleasing roundabout improving the travel experience of your campus, subdivision or commercial development.

Public Involvement

Public involvement meetings are an opportunity to bring together our communities with the goal of understanding each other. We aim to provide engineering solutions for all stakeholders through listening and being sensitive to various needs and priorities. As industry experts to answer questions or as project advocates we continually aid in facilitating the messaging around a project during public meetings. Our public involvement experience includes mailings, door hangers, exhibits and other presentation materials.

Utility Coordination

Understanding all the elements that need to exist within the limited space of a right-of-way is what we do. Along with streets comes utility design and the importance of coordinating with municipalities and various stakeholders during critical phases of a project. As trusted professionals we know the processes it takes during utility coordination to keep your project on schedule.


From informing drivers of upcoming obstacle, turns, or pedestrians to clearly designating parking areas, snow routes and street signage our engineers help keep project sites and arterials safe by understanding traffic signing and implementation.

"I've worked with Lamp Rynearson during my years with the City of Omaha. They are true professionals. They work diligently to design ahead so that issues are rare. Good communicators, they let me know what's going on, so I don't have to guess. This is important to me and anyone who answers to the public."

~ Todd Pfitzer, City of Omaha