CEO Moment | Driven by Our Common Humanity


2021 has ebbed and flowed as our new normal continues to reveal itself. While it sometimes feels like we are perpetually in the messy middle, we have the unique ability to be contributing authors of our next horizon.  

It is easy to forget our vulnerabilities in the business environment as we press through the ongoing Pandemic. But we are not organizations of cogs, we are organizations of people. With a common humanity. And it is that very common humanity that is helping us Grow with Purpose and be an agent of meaningful transformation.

When you dive into our Purpose Statement, you can see how it sets the framework for our strategy of Leading with Purpose. Leaving a Legacy of Enduring Improvements to our Communities. Enduring improvements are equitable solutions affecting our common humanity. To create projects that Leave a Legacy, we must Lead with Purpose. 

To create projects that Leave a Legacy, we must Lead with Purpose.

While organizational growth may be thought of in mathematical terms of doubling, one becomes two, two becomes four – it’s so much more. By leveraging and embracing accelerating technologies, resource stewardship, a tradition of servant leadership, technical expertise, and most of all, our dynamic people – Lamp Rynearson is positioning itself to forge a new path. This does not mysteriously occur overnight – it takes strategy, footwork, and a futuristic mindset.

We embarked on a Leadership Sprint journey this year to develop that futuristic mindset. Through the Sprint, we explored topics ranging from ground-breaking technology to pressing societal issues such as affordable housing and climate change. We went on a quest to discover where we can make the most impact both internally and externally. A dominant theme within all topics explored tied into the second half of our purpose statement, Perpetuating our Company for Future Generations.

We are pushing the boundaries of progress for our industry by Leading with Purpose with a futuristic mindset and viewpoint of a common humanity. Our common humanity has been a steadfast component of Lamp Rynearson’s values for over 60 years. Our team members have always been our strength and stay as an organization. It is our humanity that makes us dynamic. We are informed by science and motivated by compassion. Now, in a time where tangible change is needed more than ever before, we do not fear change; instead, we embrace it. As we author our new normal, we will continue with thoughtfulness, creativity, and compassion to drive purposeful design. Let’s continue to draft this space together.

Leading with Purpose,

Nancy Pridal, PE, ENV-SP
Lamp Rynearson President and CEO