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A critical focus area for our strategic plan is developing the heart of our business – our employees! We have many amazing employees who celebrate “milestone” work anniversaries throughout the year. Check out the #WorkHereGrowHere features that highlight our staff, what they do, and why we love them.

Laine Landau
Kevin Bruemmer

Prior to joining Lamp Rynearson, Kevin Bruemmer had worked “for many years with several people” at our firm in his role as a public servant for 32 years. When deciding what his next chapter would be, Kevin was inspired by the team spirit and commitment to clients he’d seen at Lamp Rynearson and chose to join our team as a construction observer. He has not been disappointed! What Kevin saw from the outside looking in is what he has experienced over the past year in his new role. As an employee, Kevin has been most proud of his ability to learn about the private sector and is grateful to have so many coworkers who’ve become mentors. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary, Kevin!

Laine Landau
Brian Skourup

How time flies when you’re at the right firm. It’s already been one year since Structural Engineer, Brian Skourup joined Lamp Rynearson, and his teammates are just as happy to have him as he is to produce high-quality work at a firm that appreciates and celebrates its employees – his words!

When asked what he’s most proud of accomplishing in his first year with Lamp Rynearson. Brian replied: “On each project, no matter how large or small my contribution is, I am proud of leaving a legacy of enduring improvements to our communities. It feels great to know that our work is positively affecting the lives of community residents.”

Brian’s work investing in the future goes beyond the structural engineering world. In his off-hours, he likes to spend time with his daughters and exercise. Congratulations on one year with Lamp Rynearson!

Laine Landau
Michael Stratton

When Survey Project Manager, Michael Stratton was looking to change companies, he asked around about Lamp Rynearson and their reputation. He received nothing but positive feedback and felt good vibes the moment he interviewed. He felt this was a place where he could learn and grow as a professional and for the past year he’s been doing just that! Michael’s favorite experience working at Lamp Rynearson? The great on-going relationships he has with his colleagues. It can be difficult to find a work environment where everyone meshes well and this is something Michael enjoys daily at work. In his spare time, you can find him making music as he plays string bass, bass guitar, handbells and sings. Michael brings joy to his work and his music. Congratulations on your one year of service!

Laine Landau
Danny Fell

Construction Observer Danny Fell – who, when he’s not on the job site, enjoys designing and building his own carpentry projects – celebrated his one-year anniversary at Lamp Rynearson in 2020. His goals for the future? Building a better community. He’s well on his way, with favorite projects including Harrison 210 and the Blue Sage Creek pedestrian bridge. Seeing the transformation of a project from start to finish and the result of hard work is what keeps him going, but it’s the culture that keeps him here. “I loved my time as an intern at Lamp Rynearson. After I saw how well the company treats their employees, I knew I wanted to stay. I’ve continued to experience that culture ever since.” Congratulations, Danny!

Laine Landau
Cody Buckland

Senior Project Engineer Cody Buckland had a prior partnership with Lamp Rynearson and was drawn to the firm’s reputation of integrity, community involvement and development of employees. Seeing projects in the community once they are built has given Cody a sense of pride and accomplishment with Lamp Rynearson. He always looks forward to the annual golf outing and passing on knowledge and techniques to the company’s young engineers and design technicians. When he’s not providing professional engineering solutions, you can find Cody living his best life at the lake, relaxing with family and friends. Congratulations on five years of service!

Laine Landau
Laine Landau

Lamp Rynearson felt like home the moment that Colorado Region Survey Group Leader, Laine Landau walked in. She loved the company-wide support for professional development and emphasis on community service. We’re thrilled to be celebrating her 5 years of service! Laine’s positive attitude and helpful nature makes her an integral part of the Fort Collins office. Home improvement enthusiast in her free time – Laine enjoys projects that are satisfying, productive, creative, and nurturing all at once. Her favorite memory at Lamp Rynearson? Working on the City of Fort Collins Smith ALTA. It was a challenging project that required historical research which was complex because there have been boundary issues on the property for over 100 years. Thank you, Laine, for all you do and congratulations on 5 years of service! #WorkHereGrowHere

Tom Wells
Tom Wells

During his interview process 20 years ago, Environmental Services Coordinator Tom Wells learned about the emphasis Lamp Rynearson places on values and culture, he knew then that this was where he wanted to be. When asked what he is most proud of accomplishing as a Lamp Rynearson employee, Tom, with a selfless attitude gave credit to his coworkers:

“I am very proud of my entire career at Lamp Rynearson;” He said, “however, I have been so fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people I don’t feel that I personally accomplished anything. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of it without the trust, respect, and support of my coworkers.”

Tom values experiences and relationships the most, from spending time in the outdoors and camping with friends and family to making memories and building relationships with his peers at the office. Thank you, Tom for always being an amazing coworker, and congratulations on 20 years of service! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Elizabeth Vacek

Family and friends are important for Elizabeth Vacek, who loves nothing more than a board game night spent with her favorite people. She joined the Lamp Rynearson team as a college intern, applying after a family member started talking about the great people he met from the civil engineering firm his company was working with. Five years later, she is a Senior Project Engineer on the Lamp Rynearson Transportation Engineering team and couldn’t be happier with her choice. Elizabeth is proud of all she’s learned and accomplished over the past five years, but the moments that stick out to her as she looks back are those she’s spent with the coworkers who have become friends. As she looks to the future, she can’t wait to learn and grow in her career even more – all while enjoying game nights with the family who introduced her to us and the friends she’s met along the way. #WorkHereGrowHere

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Natalija Ward

Intern turned full-time engineer, Natalija Ward celebrated her first work anniversary at Lamp Rynearson! She always knew she wanted to be part of a company made up of hardworking and dedicated people. After all, Natalija’s main goal has always been “to be useful to my community, my company, and those surrounding me – to do meaningful work that makes a positive impact”. And meaningful work she has already done in her short tenure at our firm! From working on public sanitary sewer system studies to levee analysis and creek/waterway restoration, she is proud to look at projects across the City and know she had a hand in designing lasting improvements. It makes her parents proud too! Happy 1-year anniversary, Natalija! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Sam Christensen

Five years ago, Sam Christensen was the 2nd hire of a now five member team of professional landscape architects. Being part of that growth and the projects they work on is what attracted Sam to join Lamp Rynearson. She has always been prepared to fulfill whatever needs the Landscape Architecture team has and is most proud of becoming a “Waters of the U.S.” expert. Traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally has given Sam the opportunity to explore outdoor spaces both designed and natural, learning from them and developing her into an amazing member of the Landscape Architecture team. Happy 5-year anniversary, Sam!

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Darrell Adams

Engineering technician by day, wood turner by night, we are excited to be celebrating 15 years of Darrell Adams’ diverse talents! When Darrell first graduated from college, his professor asked him if he wanted to design swimming pools. Not long after that, he interviewed at Lamp Rynearson and began contributing his creativity and can-do attitude on countless water and wastewater projects. Throughout his time here, Darrell has received his 10-hour OSHA training, Manhole (MH) Inspection Certification, and is looking forward to developing his skills in ArcGIS as well as assisting our Survey Department with raw data. We are grateful for Darrell’s commitment to Lamp Rynearson and the projects he designs. Don’t forget to check out his handmade bottle stoppers in the photo above! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Zack Fergus

If we’ve learned anything about Zack Fergus over the past five years, it’s that his energy for creating cool, “people-centric” spaces is unmatched! As a Senior Landscape Architect, Zack takes pride in truly partnering with clients. It comes naturally for him – he can’t help being as excited (sometimes even more so!) as the project owner, watching conceptual sketches progress into real-life places. Creating beautiful, safe environments for people to live, work, and enjoy is what fills Zack’s cup. Where does this talented landscape architect find his inspiration? Traveling, specifically road trips, with his family of four! As a parent, experiencing the world through the eyes of two seven-year-old girls is revitalizing and a source of creative perspective for him as he imagines new places. Happy 5-year anniversary, Zack! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Dave McIvor, PE

Over the last 20 years with Lamp Rynearson, Senior Construction Engineer, Dave McIvor has experienced a variety of projects. From the runways of Eppley Airfield to the oldest sewers of Omaha, Dave has seen it all. As a college student, Dave earned a Lamp Rynearson scholarship and internship opportunity and never looked back. Attracted by the variety of projects and high level of professionalism of our firm, Dave thrived in the world of Construction Administration while working onsite at the Omaha Convention Center and Arena (2002). Since then he has been part of many successful projects including Aksarben Village, multiple CSO Omaha sewer separation projects and subdivisions all over the metropolitan area. However, Dave is most proud of the relationships he has cultivated over the last 20 years with employees he considers friends.

“It’s very rewarding to me to connect on this kind of deeper level, whether it’s a close personal friendship, a mentoring relationship, or because of shared interests outside of work. That’s what I’m most proud of accomplishing, and I look forward to those relationships continuing to grow throughout my career.”

We couldn’t agree more and want to thank Dave McIvor for his 20 years of commitment to the Lamp Rynearson family. Congratulations, Dave!

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Marlene Knight

Client Development Manager Marlene Knight joined the Lamp Rynearson team because she recognized our great reputation and leadership, not to mention getting to work closely with the fabulous Leslie Peterson. During this time, Marlene has gained a thorough understanding of all the facets of our business, which is both broad and complex – so many acronyms in the engineering world! She has enjoyed building relationships internally and with clients while pursuing new opportunities. In just her first year, Marlene has been instrumental in hosting several client events and our 60th Anniversary Celebration. With many interests and projects, such as traveling, cooking, and finding unique antiques, we are excited to have this multi-talented team member elevating our client experience for years to come. Congratulations on your first anniversary with Lamp Rynearson, Marlene! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Jeff Borschuk

Are you itching to get back to the City pool this summer for a swim? If so, you can probably thank Jeff Borschuk, our Senior Project Designer, for making sure it is in tip-top shape! Jeff has been designing aquatic facilities in the Midwest for over 20 years and is celebrating 5 of those in Lamp Rynearson’s Kansas City office. He originally landed at Lamp Rynearson on assignment through a design contractor and, since then, has been a creative powerhouse on everything from lazy rivers to waterslides. Jeff recently became a Licensed Architect and he is excited to explore the pool design process in REVIT. Both his hard work and team spirit can be traced back to his baseball days, playing for many years in wood-bat summer leagues. Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Jeff! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Andrew Conard

Project Manager Andrew Conard has designed over $30 million in construction projects – and he’s just getting started! After five years at Lamp Rynearson, he has earned his Professional Engineering license and has quickly grown into a leader in wastewater engineering. Andrew’s fast ascent can be attributed to his desire to grow technically and help solve the world’s problems. He keeps the swift pace on a personal level too by running half marathons. Although running the distance has become easier for Andrew, he likes that he can continue to challenge himself by running faster… There seems to be a “speedy” way about Andrew that is a driver to his success! Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Andrew! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Paul Kluka

The world of digital 3D and augmented reality (AR) has been brought to the engineering industry by Paul Kluka! As a 3D Modeling Technician at Lamp Rynearson, Paul has adapted his background in video game/video slot machines to bring life to client projects before they’re built. A project Paul crafted in AR during his first year was a stair set and statue/planter at Omaha’s iconic Midtown Crossing. He worked with the Landscape Architecture Group and our GIS specialist to build a 3D scene that clients could interact with in the real world using a tablet. How handy is that! Paul, thank you for making your world of 3D and AR accessible for our clients. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary! #WorkHereGrowHere

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David Crawford

Career fairs are so important! That’s how Lamp Rynearson was introduced to Project Engineer David Crawford. This ambitious young professional is eager to learn, and has found the training and tools he needs to succeed at our firm! During his first year, David has gained experience in all sorts of new programs and tasks that are fundamental to a career in engineering. His sights are set on several future milestones, including earning his PE and learning how to implement sustainable design into future projects. Although David is in the learning stages of his career, there are many things we’ve learned from him – David schools colleagues in frisbee golf on the occasional Friday afternoons when we gather for a little extracurricular fun! Happy 1-year anniversary, David! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Teddianne Vaught

If there has ever been anyone with a “can do” attitude, it’s our very own Teddianne Vaught! In her first year at Lamp Rynearson as a marketing coordinator, she’s already achieved many great accomplishments. The first BIG WIN project she helped the Kansas City office bring home was also the first proposal effort she led “flying solo” after training. She also applied for and received an internal transfer to the Colorado Region office, a big change both professionally and personally! One things for sure – no task is too big or too small for Teddianne. When she’s not busy churning out successes left and right, Teddianne makes sure to stop and smell the roses. Her passion of photography helps her slow down to notice the world in a way that most folks don’t take the time to. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary, Teddianne! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Jim Fronapfel

In Jim Fronapfel’s first year at Lamp Rynearson, we’ve quickly learned this project designer is a multifaceted professional! In the office, Jim assists with a variety of work including AutoCAD, ArcMap, and starting set up procedures for workflow in GIS. Outside of work hours, Jim trains riding horses, immerses himself in fine art creation, and even dabbles in performance art. Jim’s ability to be a dynamic contributor makes him a great team member! He’s often plugged into projects to assist with short run needs, one of Jim’s favorites being restoration work on diversion structures. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary, Jim! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Leslie Peterson

Congratulations to our “vibe” manager – Leslie Peterson – on her 15-year anniversary at Lamp Rynearson! Client relationships are her jam. Throughout her tenure, Leslie’s networking expertise has been recognized on many occasions, making her a well decorated professional! Her accolades include induction into the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Hall of Fame. As a former president of CRE Women of Omaha Metro and planner for their annual Summit conference, it was a no-brainer to honor Leslie as a Hall of Famer. Authoring and implementing client development programs are also part of her legacy. “Got Client?” is a staple of Lamp Rynearson’s business development training that has continued to benefit our managers and clients, alike. How is Leslie celebrating her success? She’s putting the same enthusiasm into traveling more and spending time with her granddaughter, family, and friends. We toast to your distinguished career, Leslie! #EverybodyLovesLeslie #WorkHereGrowHere

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