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A critical focus area for our strategic plan is developing the heart of our business – our employees! We have many amazing employees who celebrate “milestone” work anniversaries throughout the year. Check out the #WorkHereGrowHere features that highlight our staff, what they do, and why we love them.

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Mike McMeekin

Lamp Rynearson is the company it is today because of Mike McMeekin. During his 35 years of service to a company that both clients and employees respect. With a family atmosphere and culture, Mike is proud of Lamp Rynearson for broadly sharing profits with both its employees and communities. Work experiences that Mike has enjoyed include the “community-changing” projects like the Convention Center/Arena, Aksarben Village, Midtown Crossing, First National Business Park, Lakeside, and West Farm/South Farm. Watching employees who have elected to stay with Lamp Rynearson for many years to advance their careers and being part of a business that provides real value to its communities and support to many families have been Mike McMeekin’s favorite things about being with Lamp Rynearson for 35 years. Outside of work, Mike’s describes his biggest enjoyments in life, “Grandchildren, no other experience matches them.” Happy 35-year anniversary, Mike! Thank you for your decades of leadership!

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Kortney Brown

From intern to full-time employee, a lot of great things have happened in the past five years for Senior Project Engineer Kortney Brown. The “family-like atmosphere” and opportunities for leadership development has made her decision to grow a career at Lamp Rynearson a no-brainer. Her favorite part about being on our team is the variety of projects she has been able to work on. Being in constant learning mode is an aspect of the work environment she enjoys and even thrives on! Another highlight is all the fun she has with her coworkers at company picnics, Christmas parties, and volunteer events. Happy 5-year work anniversary, Kortney! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Tyler Klusaw

“That’s a great company to work for.” After hearing those words when he told professional colleagues that he landed a job at Lamp Rynearson, the deal was sealed for Tyler Klusaw. Five years later, this construction engineer has some great stories to share! A moment he will never forget was observing tunnel boring operations 40 feet below the streets of Omaha, Nebraska. Another memory Tyler is grateful for is the support of his teammates as he studied for and passed his PE exam in 2017. Looking to the next five years, Tyler is excited to take these experiences and continue to be an active part of our growing company. For now, part of that ambition is serving his colleagues as a wellness coordinator. Thank you for your contributions and happy 5-year work anniversary, Tyler! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Aaron Grote

At 19 years old, Aaron Grote interviewed for an internship at Lamp Rynearson and never looked back. He says, “I had no idea how important that interview was going to be.” Aaron accepted the job and set his course, growing into the role of senior project engineer over the past 15 years and becoming a significant contributor to his community. In fact, Aaron was named ACEC Nebraska’s 2018 Young Professional of the Year for his work on housing, safe drinking water, parks, and sanitary sewers! For as many projects as Aaron has been involved in along the way, he has a funny golf story involving a coworker to match. Here’s to many more years of successful projects and great memories! Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Rob Vanderveen

After five years, the amount of work Lamp Rynearson cranks out is still mind-blowing to Project Engineer Rob Vanderveen. It is also his favorite part of the job! There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing designs he’s help create come to life all over Omaha. As a ping-pong fanatic, Rob even spends most weekends enjoying a Lamp Rynearson site redevelopment – Midtown Crossing – playing the sport on outdoor tables our landscape architecture team included in the design. His favorite work memory (so far) was during a recent Omaha office renovation when his group was relocated to a temporary office space that “felt like a hybrid of a college dorm room and a start-up company”. It was a great environment to get to know his coworkers better! We’re glad we snagged Rob as a new college grad and look forward to his continuous growth with us. Happy 5-year anniversary, Rob! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Lynn Cunningham

Literally the heart of the Kansas City office, Lynn Cunningham always has a smile beaming for employees and clients when they arrive through our front doors. After working for some time in the probate division of a local county courthouse, Lynn wanted to get back in the private sector and decided to check out Lamp Rynearson. She says, “The moment I walked into the office, I knew I had found my new home.” We like to think she was the missing piece of our Kansas City family. Five years later as a senior administrative assistant, she provides exceptional support to group leaders and engineers, acting as the go-to for the preparation of plans and specifications. Lynn is only a few years away from retirement where she plans to unload and spend some quality time for herself. Although we hope she embarks on an ultimate swimming and biking vacation when Lynn’s time in the office is finally up, we can’t imagine life without her! Lynn, you may leave us for retirement, but you will always be a significant part of our family! Happy anniversary! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Chris Schulte

Hired right out of college, Survey Crew Leader Chris Schulte has enjoyed working on community changing projects like Shadow Lake, Village Point, Midtown Crossing, and the Dodge Expressway Bridge. Currently working toward his professional surveyor license, Chris looks forward to becoming a manager and helping his coworkers advance their careers. An outdoorsman by nature Chris enjoys hunting and fishing, so working in the field has been a great fit for him these past 15 years. People also admire his welcoming presence, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy future company events with Chris. Thank you for 15 years of dedicated service! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Craig Matsuda

If you’ve ever met a person who deserves a cape, it’s Project Manager Craig Matsuda. He is a hero for his clients. With the natural ability to foster relationships and dedication to using his talent to benefit communities, Craig is an up-and-coming leader. It was a no-brainer to have him participate in Leadership Development Training and Strategic Planning during his first year at the firm! These events have provided Craig with self-discovery opportunities, a clear direction for growing the water and wastewater group, and a network of supportive coworkers. Investing in the next generation of leaders, like Craig, distinguishes Lamp Rynearson as a committed partner to the success of our clients and community! Congrats on your first employment anniversary, Craig! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Candice Hartley

Fifteen years ago and a fresh college graduate, Candice Hartley joined Lamp Rynearson as a part-time graphic designer to help get the marketing department started. And by golly, did it boom! As the company grew, Candice did too. She ventured from her home state of Nebraska to pioneer the first satellite office in the west. Today, Candice is influential in the client pursuits for all four of Lamp Rynearson's offices as the Marketing and Business Development Group Leader! Although that was quite the adventure, her exploration of uncharted territory didn’t stop there. One of her greatest “summits” was presenting Lamp Rynearson’s customer service program titled GOT CLIENT at the 2016 ACEC National Conference with her mentor and friend – Leslie Peterson! It was a hit! No matter where she goes or what she does, Candice’s love for life and creative spirit sets a course for success. Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary, Candice! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Joe Zadina

Fifteen years ago and not knowing much at all about Lamp Rynearson, Joe Zadina accepted an internship with Omaha’s “best kept secret” at the time. Since then, Joe and the firm’s reputation for excellence have been on a rapid rise. As a senior project manager, he is influential in growing the firm’s K-12 education market, mentoring a younger generation of engineers, and keeping clients happy with successful projects. He's even rescued a pet cat out of a storm sewer in the name of customer service! When he is not going above and beyond for his team or clients, Joe rejuvenates by seizing every opportunity to act like a kid again with his three growing and rambunctious boys! Happy 15-year anniversary, Joe! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Terry Atkins

Terry Atkins loves to build. From large subdivisions and redevelopments to teams and processes, Terry has a knack for building all sorts of things as Lamp Rynearson’s Chief Operating Officer. Community-changing projects Terry has designed with this passion over his 20-year tenure include the Rosenblatt Stadium, The Convention Center, Aksarben Village, Midtown Crossing, and West Farm. Even his hobby of woodworking is founded on his love of building! Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary, Terry! We look forward to continuing to BUILD upon the great reputation you’ve helped Lamp Rynearson achieve!

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Michael Palizzi

We’re not sure what he’ll win first – an engineering award or an Oscar! Often starring in our company’s internal videos during his first year at Lamp Rynearson, Project Engineer Michael Palizzi has become widely known for his can-do attitude and wearing ties on Thursday. His accomplishments include completing the design of two elementary schools and assisting with a running track at his alma mater, Colorado State University. Having done so much already, what can we expect next? Michael’s ambitions include obtaining his PE license and increasing participation in “Tie Thursday”. This trendsetting engineer is our nominee for “Best Creative and Technical Talent”. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, Michael! #WorkHereGrowHere #TieThursday

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Paul Gargarella

It’s no surprise Paul Gargarella is proud of the progress he has made in the past year in the role of project designer at Lamp Rynearson. As a “huge fan” of Colorado, Paul enjoys hiking in the mountains and knows how to ascend to great heights! But he doesn’t feel like he needs to climb solo. Paul enjoys the sense of teamwork that he experiences every day in his position. Congratulations on your first anniversary, Paul! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Nancy Pridal

A catalyst for excellence, our president – Nancy Pridal – is a builder by nature. Over 20 years at Lamp Rynearson, Nancy has built great projects that improve communities and great teams of bright and talented individuals. These accomplishments come with stories to tell! Although it wasn’t so amusing at the time, Nancy now smiles when she shares the memory of being a young engineer and getting her new truck stuck on a construction site. The contractor wouldn’t tow Nancy out until he took a picture of her standing in the mud by the truck! Keeping her own experiences in mind is how Nancy strikes the right balance between coaching and letting her employees learn to fly. Happy 20-year work anniversary, Nancy! We look forward to soaring into the future on the wings of your leadership! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Greg Van Patten

Employees with a competitive spirit keep our team driven. Project Engineer Greg Van Patten falls into this category. He views each day as an opportunity to make a sizable contribution to Lamp Rynearson and keep clients happy. My friends, Greg does not fail to deliver. Being well-organized allows him to cover a lot of ground. In fact, he provided construction observation on four project sites at one time, found office time to complete design work on multiple projects, AND planned a wedding with his wife in the first year of employment. Having made quite the positive impact since he started, we look forward to the efficiency he’ll continue to bring in the years to come! Cheers to your first-year anniversary, Greg! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Autumn Schleicher

Great bosses and coworkers help us grow. Autumn Schleicher has experienced just that as she works hard to become a more diverse engineer at Lamp Rynearson. Surrounded by industry leading peers, Autumn absorbs a variety of knowledge that feeds her desire to learn. Expanding her knowledge doesn’t only happen within the office walls. By day Autumn is out in the field to survey conditions along a brambling creek. By night Autumn attends company networking events, like Shrimp Bingo, to strengthen relationships with clients. The way she embraces all activities as growth opportunities is truly inspiring! Congrats on your one year anniversary, Autumn! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Clark Thompson

Eager to make a positive impact on the environment, Clark Thompson joined Larkin Associates, now Larkin Lamp Rynearson, in 1973. Since then he has served in a variety of roles, from associate to president of Larkin Group in 1992. No matter his title, Clark has used his environmental passion to design some of the most significant advanced water and wastewater treatment plants in Missouri, including the first pressure sewer system in the region. Forty-five years later, Clark now thrives in a mentoring role for our design teams and was crucial in the transition of Larkin Group to Larkin Lamp Rynearson. Happy 45th Anniversary, Clark! #WorkHereGrowHere

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Tim Willett

A decade down the road, Lamp Rynearson has developed a robust technology infrastructure because of hiring IT Manager Tim Willett! He keeps us on the cutting edge of using new systems to better serve our clients. Originally attracted to the opportunity to work for a small business, Tim has grown with Lamp Rynearson over the years and has been instrumental in connecting our four offices across three states. What hasn’t changed is being employee owned, which he finds rewarding! Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary, Tim! #WorkHereGrowHere

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