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A critical focus area for our strategic plan is developing the heart of our business – our employees! We have many amazing employees who celebrate “milestone” work anniversaries throughout the year. Check out the #WorkHereGrowHere features that highlight our staff, what they do, and why we love them.

whgh - Scott Morrow
Robin Matthes
Scott Morrow

Senior Project Designer Scott Morrow is back with us again and celebrates another one-year anniversary.

“I’m back for good, great place to work!” Says Scott.

After a five-year hiatus, Scott returns to enjoy being part of various projects while working with the Water, Wasterwater, and Civil Design groups. With a desire to support all the groups at Lamp Rynearson, Scott continues to become an expert in his field by expanding his knowledge of AutoCAD and Civil 3D. One thing that brought Scott back to us is “Knowing you ARE appreciated here, no matter what your position or job title is.”

When he’s not busy designing projects, Scott’s passion is restoring his classic VW Bugs. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary Scott! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Caleb VanWeelden
Robin Matthes
Caleb Van Weelden

One could say it was fate that brought Senior Project Engineer, Caleb Van Weelden to Lamp Rynearson. When his wife was admitted into a PA program at UNMC, he was in search of a civil engineering role near campus. Lamp Rynearson was recommended to him by a client of ours, he interviewed, and the rest you can say, is history!

5 years later, Caleb still feels that our firm is the right fit for him. He has been involved in many meaningful projects over the years. His favorite? Lakeview 168 – a residential development for Celebrity Homes located at Flanagan Lake. He found that the project was challenging, rewarding, and fun.

He’s keeping his eyes focused on the future, as he’s moved from a Project Engineer role into a Senior Project Engineer role and hopes to one day become a Project Manager to work closely with clients. Recently Caleb received his PE license. When’s not working on legacy projects, you can find Caleb fishing, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. Congratulations on 5 years, Caleb!

whgh - Mike Sharp
Robin Matthes
Mike Sharp

Looking forward to working with a great team, Senior Landscape Architect Mike Sharp came to us five years ago and has enjoyed being part of the talented, energetic and positive Landscape Architecture Group. From working on projects that have complex grading plans to Platte River State Park to mixed-use residential redevelopments in downtown Omaha, Mike has multiple favorite projects he’s been a part of.

“The variety in project types is very gratifying, knowing that my expertise can reach so many different clients and end user types.”

Passionate about green infrastructure design, Mike believes it is essential to everything we do and looks forward to its evolution over the next decade. Helping lead the push for more sustainable and smarter design motivates Mike to bring his best to what he calls to most dynamic and collaborative team he’s been a part of. When he’s not working towards creative design solutions, you can find Mike trying to keep his driver in bounds on the golf course or designing his own course layouts. Congratulations on 5 years, Mike! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Trevor Johnson
Robin Matthes
Trevor Johnson

Knowing what he wanted his daily work life to look like, Trevor Johnson sought an experience that would involve him in civil construction out in the field. Five years ago, he found what he was looking for as a Construction Observer with our Construction Administration Group. Trevor enjoys being outside on the job site, observing and documenting construction activities. While coordinating materials testing, adherence to plans and specs are just a few of Trevor's favorite experiences on projects like the Giles Road improvements for Sarpy County. From box culverts and sanitary sewers to grading and paving work, Trevor loves being part of bringing projects across the finish line and building great working relationships with contractors. In addition, his exposure to this type of work has given Trevor an interest in land development. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be a client of ours! Until then, congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Trevor!

whgh - Kim Shanahan
Robin Matthes
Kim Shanahan

Many great things start in the Design Group, and Kim Shanahan is no exception! Her first gig at Lamp Rynearson was as a designer, working on a variety of projects. Her ability to coordinate, communicate, and see the bigger picture made her a perfect fit to move into her current role of being our Organizational Development Lead. During her tenure, she organized company-wide summits for the Construction Administration and Transportation groups. It was “a lot of work”, but the outcomes of these events were key in setting the course for strategic firm growth; Kim also grew from this experience, as well! The broad knowledge of engineering at Lamp Rynearson she has built is something Kim puts to use on and off the clock – last fall, she realized her engineering background could serve the needs of her growing community and Kim was elected to her Village Board! Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Kim! There are many accomplishments to celebrate! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Sydney Embray
Robin Matthes
Sydney Embray

For Marketing Coordinator Sydney Embray, collaboration is the key to success. During her first year at Lamp Rynearson, she has stretched her skills across each group organizing photoshoots, blogs, and proposals. This level of comradery attracted her to Lamp Rynearson as a company, offering a culture where people are genuinely excited about their work, each other, and making a difference. Sydney looks forward to growing within the company by delivering engaging products to our clients that improve their infrastructure and, ultimately, their quality of life. When she isn’t wrangling content, Sydney is working towards becoming accomplished in horseback riding through English riding lessons. What she learns through horses she brings to her work and life. Thank you, Sydney, for taking the leap with Lamp Rynearson! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Kyle McCawley
Robin Matthes
Kyle McCawley

Congratulations to Project Manager Kyle McCawley for leaving a legacy in aquatics at Lamp Rynearson for 15 years! Originally a lifeguard himself, Kyle knows the ins and outs of swimming pools and how visitors plan for a day of fun in the sun. He has been a tireless advocate for cities across Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas in their efforts to bring state-of-the-art aquatics facilities to their communities. This year, he has been proud to assist Woodbine, Iowa with the design of the CREW Center, a new community building that serves a variety of needs ranging from education and fitness to childcare. You can also find Kyle in Kansas City’s Christmas in October program, where he has enjoyed teaming up with coworkers to bring home improvements to local residents in need. We look forward to seeing how Kyle’s kindness and creativity continues to bring innovation to our industry. #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Grant Zebold
Robin Matthes
Grant Zebold

It has been 1 year of service for Project Engineer Grant Zebold, and what a year it was! Starting right before the COVID-19 shutdown in March, and navigating a new city, he rose to the challenge of working under changing conditions. Jumping into an inflow and infiltration reduction project for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, he learned how to interpret flow monitoring data and is looking forward to seeing this project through to construction. Staying active both at work and the gym, Grant enjoys coaching and playing a wide range of sports including track and sand volleyball. He is looking forward to getting his PE license, growing within the company, and providing a great life for his cat, Mango. #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Bryan Kratky
Robin Matthes
Bryan Kratky

Call it fate. Bright-eyed and freshly graduated from Missouri State University, Bryan Kratky scoured the Omaha World Herald classifieds the day after commencement for a CAD technician opening to put his newly learned skills to work! With a little help from a temp agency, Bryan’s journey at Lamp Rynearson began with a job offer that same week. Twenty-five years later, Bryan is still bright-eyed, but no longer a CAD technician. He has joined the ranks and become one of “the brilliant hard-working people” that attracted him to Lamp Rynearson in the first place. The time has been filled with high-profile projects, working as a team moving in unison that refused to let any problems derail timelines. Although he is a Senior Construction Engineer now, Bryan’s favorite experience continues to be the late nights in the 1990’s and early 2000’s that he worked as part of the Design Department. We’re sure there are stories to be shared around those memories! Thank you for your incredible 25 years of service, Bryan! Congratulation on your silver anniversary at Lamp Rynearson! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Jon Carrell
Robin Matthes
Jon Carrell

Jon Carrell is celebrating 5 years of dedicated service as a Senior Survey Project Manager! Jon came to Lamp Rynearson looking for opportunity and growth, and he found it working with our engineers and surveyors on development projects like Heartwood Preserve. Jon has enjoyed working with fellow team members on this large West Omaha project and seeing it come together over the last couple of years. Looking forward to future growth, Jon knows teamwork makes the dream work, and this is what he enjoys most about being part of Lamp Rynearson. Outside of managing survey projects, you can find Jon enjoying the great outdoors, bow hunting, and bike riding. Congratulations, Jon, on your 5th anniversary! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Robin Matthes
Robin Matthes
Robin Matthes

Having worked in the non-profit industry for 11 years Controller Robin Matthes feels that supporting others and the community is important and that’s why she was attracted to our company culture and purpose statement: Leaving a legacy of enduring improvements to our communities. With 2020 being her first year with Lamp Rynearson, Robin has been an instrumental part of the Accounting Department and staying up-to-date on changes and regulations as we move into tax season. When she’s not leading our accounting department, Robin enjoys spending time with family, taking walks and reading. Happy one-year anniversary Robin! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Christine Nichols
Robin Matthes
Christine Nichols

Senior Administrative Assistant Christine Nichols is a connector. As such, she has excelled during her first year at Lamp Rynearson – pandemic and all! Christine bridged the challenges of being a new employee at the onset of remote work and found her way to successfully support multiple engineering divisions. Her desire to learn something new every day put her in the right mindset to thrive during a historically uncertain time for the whole world. We admire her discipline and bravery! Being a conduit for interaction, she even finds connection to others in her hobbies. Christine is involved in Veterans groups where she loves hearing history brought to life by listening to peoples’ stories. Happy 1-year anniversary to you, Christine! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Connor Seagren
Laine Landau
Connor Seagren

As an intern, Project Engineer Connor Seagren really enjoyed the atmosphere at Lamp Rynearson and knew he wanted to work here upon graduation. During his first year with Lamp Rynearson Connor has been a part of the transportation team working on the Arnold Gate facility at Whiteman Airforce Base. It has been his favorite project so far and he has gained valuable experience through participating in the design process and creating exhibits for the new gate. Outside the office you can find Connor enjoying sports and staying active while playing volleyball. Congratulations Connor on completing your first year! We look forward to him earning his PE license and continuing to advance his career in civil engineering. #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Jared Walter
Laine Landau
Jared Walter

When Senior Water Resources Engineer Jared Walter isn’t working on water rights, drinking water quality, or floodplain management, you can find him outdoors camping and exploring the mountains or deserts with his daughters. He finds observing his daughters discovering new things on their own rewarding. Jared was drawn to Lamp Rynearson since the company allowed him a flexible work schedule to be productive. His favorite experience working at Lamp Rynearson? Being able to utilize experience gained prior to Lamp Rynearson and apply that knowledge to a water system assessment experiencing aesthetic water quality problems. Congratulations Jared on your one year of service! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh - Nicholette Haigler
Laine Landau
Nicholette Haigler

Marketing Coordinator Nicholette Haigler seeks the big picture. With a background in nonprofits and education, she has an innate desire to contribute to a greater mission. Lamp Rynearson’s community-changing projects align with how she wants to spend her time and talent. Found at the frontend of a project, Nicholette organizes the proposal effort to win the work, often incorporating motion graphics! Video and animations are a skillset Nicholette has developed since joining our team to communicate Lamp Rynearson’s mission and project experience. This has been particularly handy as business development becomes increasingly more digital. Finally seeing the projects brought to life that she helped pursue gives her a sense of pride and ownership in the firm’s engineering services.
A personal aspiration of hers is to illustrate and publish a children’s book. Having benefited from her creative genius and artistic abilities, we’re looking forward to the day when we quite literally find Nicholette’s “big picture” on the shelf. Happy one-year anniversary, Nicholette! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh-Brian Skourup
Laine Landau
Brian Skourup

How time flies when you’re at the right firm. It’s already been one year since Structural Engineer, Brian Skourup joined Lamp Rynearson, and his teammates are just as happy to have him as he is to produce high-quality work at a firm that appreciates and celebrates its employees – his words!

When asked what he’s most proud of accomplishing in his first year with Lamp Rynearson. Brian replied: “On each project, no matter how large or small my contribution is, I am proud of leaving a legacy of enduring improvements to our communities. It feels great to know that our work is positively affecting the lives of community residents.”

Brian’s work investing in the future goes beyond the structural engineering world. In his off-hours, he likes to spend time with his daughters and exercise. Congratulations on one year with Lamp Rynearson!

whgh-Michael Stratton
Laine Landau
Michael Stratton

When Survey Project Manager, Michael Stratton was looking to change companies, he asked around about Lamp Rynearson and their reputation. He received nothing but positive feedback and felt good vibes the moment he interviewed. He felt this was a place where he could learn and grow as a professional and for the past year he’s been doing just that! Michael’s favorite experience working at Lamp Rynearson? The great on-going relationships he has with his colleagues. It can be difficult to find a work environment where everyone meshes well and this is something Michael enjoys daily at work. In his spare time, you can find him making music as he plays string bass, bass guitar, handbells and sings. Michael brings joy to his work and his music. Congratulations on your one year of service!

whgh - Danny Fell
Laine Landau
Danny Fell

Construction Observer Danny Fell – who, when he’s not on the job site, enjoys designing and building his own carpentry projects – celebrated his one-year anniversary at Lamp Rynearson in 2020. His goals for the future? Building a better community. He’s well on his way, with favorite projects including Harrison 210 and the Blue Sage Creek pedestrian bridge. Seeing the transformation of a project from start to finish and the result of hard work is what keeps him going, but it’s the culture that keeps him here. “I loved my time as an intern at Lamp Rynearson. After I saw how well the company treats their employees, I knew I wanted to stay. I’ve continued to experience that culture ever since.” Congratulations, Danny!

whgh - Danny Fell
Laine Landau
Kevin Bruemmer

Prior to joining Lamp Rynearson, Kevin Bruemmer had worked “for many years with several people” at our firm in his role as a public servant for 32 years. When deciding what his next chapter would be, Kevin was inspired by the team spirit and commitment to clients he’d seen at Lamp Rynearson and chose to join our team as a construction observer. He has not been disappointed! What Kevin saw from the outside looking in is what he has experienced over the past year in his new role. As an employee, Kevin has been most proud of his ability to learn about the private sector and is grateful to have so many coworkers who’ve become mentors. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary, Kevin!

whgh-Cody Buckland
Laine Landau
Cody Buckland

Senior Project Engineer Cody Buckland had a prior partnership with Lamp Rynearson and was drawn to the firm’s reputation of integrity, community involvement and development of employees. Seeing projects in the community once they are built has given Cody a sense of pride and accomplishment with Lamp Rynearson. He always looks forward to the annual golf outing and passing on knowledge and techniques to the company’s young engineers and design technicians. When he’s not providing professional engineering solutions, you can find Cody living his best life at the lake, relaxing with family and friends. Congratulations on five years of service!

whgh-Laine Landau
Laine Landau
Laine Landau

Lamp Rynearson felt like home the moment that Colorado Region Survey Group Leader, Laine Landau walked in. She loved the company-wide support for professional development and emphasis on community service. We’re thrilled to be celebrating her 5 years of service! Laine’s positive attitude and helpful nature makes her an integral part of the Fort Collins office. Home improvement enthusiast in her free time – Laine enjoys projects that are satisfying, productive, creative, and nurturing all at once. Her favorite memory at Lamp Rynearson? Working on the City of Fort Collins Smith ALTA. It was a challenging project that required historical research which was complex because there have been boundary issues on the property for over 100 years. Thank you, Laine, for all you do and congratulations on 5 years of service! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh-Tom Wells
Tom Wells
Tom Wells

During his interview process 20 years ago, Environmental Services Coordinator Tom Wells learned about the emphasis Lamp Rynearson places on values and culture, he knew then that this was where he wanted to be. When asked what he is most proud of accomplishing as a Lamp Rynearson employee, Tom, with a selfless attitude gave credit to his coworkers:

“I am very proud of my entire career at Lamp Rynearson;” He said, “however, I have been so fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people I don’t feel that I personally accomplished anything. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of it without the trust, respect, and support of my coworkers.”

Tom values experiences and relationships the most, from spending time in the outdoors and camping with friends and family to making memories and building relationships with his peers at the office. Thank you, Tom for always being an amazing coworker, and congratulations on 20 years of service! #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh-Elizabeth Vacek
Image is not available
Elizabeth Vacek

Family and friends are important for Elizabeth Vacek, who loves nothing more than a board game night spent with her favorite people. She joined the Lamp Rynearson team as a college intern, applying after a family member started talking about the great people he met from the civil engineering firm his company was working with. Five years later, she is a Senior Project Engineer on the Lamp Rynearson Transportation Engineering team and couldn’t be happier with her choice. Elizabeth is proud of all she’s learned and accomplished over the past five years, but the moments that stick out to her as she looks back are those she’s spent with the coworkers who have become friends. As she looks to the future, she can’t wait to learn and grow in her career even more – all while enjoying game nights with the family who introduced her to us and the friends she’s met along the way. #WorkHereGrowHere

whgh-Natalija Ward
Image is not available
Natalija Ward

Intern turned full-time engineer, Natalija Ward celebrated her first work anniversary at Lamp Rynearson! She always knew she wanted to be part of a company made up of hardworking and dedicated people. After all, Natalija’s main goal has always been “to be useful to my community, my company, and those surrounding me – to do meaningful work that makes a positive impact”. And meaningful work she has already done in her short tenure at our firm! From working on public sanitary sewer system studies to levee analysis and creek/waterway restoration, she is proud to look at projects across the City and know she had a hand in designing lasting improvements. It makes her parents proud too! Happy 1-year anniversary, Natalija! #WorkHereGrowHere

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