Project: Louisburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan

Louisburg, Kansas

The two existing wastewater treatment facilities owned and operated by the City of Louisburg, Kansas were not consistently meeting permit limitations for ammonia and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Lamp Rynearson was hired to evaluate the performance of and recommend improvements to these facilities. Our evaluation summarized existing conditions, analyzed the reasons why the facilities were not meeting permit limitations, proposed alternative improvements, provided opinion of probable construction costs for the alternatives, and presented an implementation schedule. The report was completed ahead of schedule, submitted to the KDHE, and the results were presented to the City Council.

After discussions with the City concerning the results of the evaluation report, it was decided that the best course of action would be to replace the existing lagoon facilities with a single mechanical treatment plant located at the site of the South Lagoons.

The North Pump Station was designed for the City of Louisburg as part of the decommissioning of their existing lagoon based wastewater treatment plant. The new pump station is responsible for the transfer of flow to the plant and is comprised of three 600-gallon per minute submersible pumps. The pump station will serve the north drainage area of the City and will use the existing lagoons as extraneous flow basins to allow for operational flexibility. The forcemain constructed as part of this project was designed to be a 12-inch PVC main that will provide sufficient capacity for current and future flow demands.