Project: Marshfield Aquatic Center

Marshfield, Missouri

After years of careful planning, the City of Marshfield completed construction on a state-of-the-art swimming pool that is fun for all ages! Designed by Lamp Rynearson with variety in mind, guests can choose from playing on custom structure, floating in the current channel, navigating the floatable walk or riding down the waterslides.

The City took the facility to the next level by installing a custom LED light system. The changing colors illuminate both the pool and deck sprays to make this facility pop at night! Whether your interest is water aerobics, competitive swimming or swirling around in the current channel there is something engaging for everybody.

Efficient operations were also considered during the design phase. For example, winterization of this pool is as simple as opening a few valves to drain the entire system. This project is both sustainable and innovative, offering a wide range of activities for visitors.