Save More in the New Year: Water Conservation Tips for Travel

Set a New Year’s resolution that makes a positive impact in your community!

The following tips about easy ways to save water during travel was shared with us by Girl Scout Peyton who is earning her water badge. These small habits can make a big difference in being a good steward of our precious water supply. 

  • Bring an insulated bottle of water with you instead of buying plastic bottles of water. Not only does the one-time use plastic have a negative impact on the environment, people tend to waste water because you’re more likely to forget about disposable water bottles before you finish drinking the water.
  • Take quick showers and don’t let the faucet run unnecessarily when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. This is an easy peasy way to save gallons of water!
  • Did you know washing clothes accounts for as much as 40% of water usage in a household of four? Another way to save gallons of water is by making sure you do a full load of laundry instead of smaller loads of a few garments . Make the most of every load!

Read the full article Peyton shared by clicking here.