Project: Sterling Ranch Metro District No. 1 Water and Wastewater Engineering

El Paso County, Colorado

Lamp Rynearson has been supporting Sterling Ranch Metropolitan District No. 1 since 2016. Our initial services included the planning and design of a new sewage lift station and 25,000 feet of force main that was needed to serve the future development of 5,000 residential units and commercial areas. 

The project was acquired from another firm. Our engineers reevaluated the initial preferred force main alignment and proposed an alternative alignment that resulted in a shorter length of pipeline, lower construction costs, minimized boring distances, and eliminated environmental impacts. 

Currently, the TZA Water Engineers office is supporting the development and construction of the public water system to serve a 1,444-acre, 5,250 residential unit subdivision. Two Denver Basin wells (Arapahoe and Laramie-Fox Hills formations) have been drilled and tested with oversight by TZA.  A one-million-gallon pre-stressed concrete tank will be constructed to support the initial stages of development. Initial water treatment will consist of chlorination for disinfection, but the larger regional water planning may necessitate reduction of iron and manganese through advanced treatment techniques.