Project: Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation

Kansas City, Missouri

To meet federal water quality requirements, Kansas City has created and is in the beginning stages of implementing the Smart Sewer program, a 25-year plan to meet the City’s Federal Consent Decree. This is the largest infrastructure investment in Kansas City’s history and outlines a city-wide approach to improving water quality by addressing sewer overflows, and supporting local workforce development.

The Town Fork Creek neighborhood of Kansas City was identified as a project site under this initiative. Larkin Lamp Rynearson was chosen to evaluate the neighborhood’s sewer system, provide a rehabilitation recommendation, and provide construction management services on the project. The evaluation process included smoke testing, dyed water testing, and CCTV (video surveillance) to identify and quantify the structural deficiencies of the system. Once the evaluation was complete, a Rehabilitation Recommendation Report was submitted to the City and construction documents were prepared. Larkin Lamp Rynearson is currently providing construction management services.