CEO Moment | Purpose Driven Companies

Companies driven by purpose outperform others. This ideology has been studied by many of the world’s greatest intellects and leaders. What is the general consensus? Focus on purpose and profits will follow.

We concur. At Lamp Rynearson, we know our purpose statement has meaning to our staff. Our pursuit of purpose is equally as important as the pursuit of profit. And we’re not just being feebly sentimental over here. There are business reasons behind this stance – Caring about purpose does not come at the expense of profits. It supports profit.

To continue to be a purpose driven company in the coming age, we cannot ignore the events of 2020 – the pandemic, social unrest, and economic insecurity. Knowing things will not be staying the same, we must ask ourselves, What can we do?

“Leaving a Legacy” must be taken to another level. How? By expanding our thinking on social issues we can impact while creating value for our communities and stakeholders. As engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors, we are in a unique position to promote equitability in real ways. Elevating neighborhoods by designing access to education and healthcare services. Increasing diversity, connectivity, and security through thoughtful landscape architecture. The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating spaces and infrastructure. We must be brilliant in incorporating equitability into the built environment and relentless in making it happen. 

Why is this important? In a world where there are so many things to drive us a part, I believe that it will be the professionals of the built environment who will bring us back together. This is our purpose. This will be our legacy.

It’s time to take care of each other,

Nancy Pridal, PE, ENV-SP
Lamp Rynearson President and CEO