Project: Hunters Overlook Dam and Reservoir

Severance, Colorado

Hunters Overlook Dam and Reservoir is an irrigation impoundment that serves the Hunters Crossing and Overlook Subdivisions. The reservoir has a surface area of 38 acres and storage volume of 419 acre-feet. At full capacity, this body of water will supply 1,260 homes with 630,000 gallons of irrigation water per day.

A jurisdictional High Hazard Class dam, Hunters Overlook has a height of 19 feet and length of 5,000 feet. Approximately 250,000 cubic yards of densely compacted earth fill was used to construct the dam embankment. With five feet of freeboard, a 20-foot-wide crest, and 4:1 sideslopes, the structure was designed to provide the highest level of public safety.

The outlet works consists of a concrete tower with a 24-inch diameter gated low level drain and a 36-inch diameter concrete encased outlet pipe. A Bureau of Reclamation stilling basin structure is situated at the pipe outlet. The emergency spillway is a 20-foot-wide concrete weir with a riprap downstream channel. It will accommodate the full Probable Maximum Storm, which would drop 32 inches of rain in 48 hours.