Project: Hunters Overlook Dam and Reservoir

Severance, Colorado

Hunters Overlook Dam and Reservoir is an irrigation impoundment that serves the Hunters Crossing and Overlook Subdivisions. The reservoir has a surface area of 38 acres and storage volume of 419 acre-feet. At full capacity, this body of water will supply 1,260 homes with 630,000 gallons of irrigation water per day.

A jurisdictional High Hazard Class dam, Hunters Overlook has a height of 19 feet and length of 5,000 feet. Approximately 250,000 cubic yards of densely compacted earth fill was used to construct the dam embankment. With five feet of freeboard, a 20-foot-wide crest, and 4:1 sideslopes, the structure was designed to provide the highest level of public safety.

The outlet works consists of a concrete tower with a 24-inch diameter gated low level drain and a 36-inch diameter concrete encased outlet pipe. A Bureau of Reclamation stilling basin structure is situated at the pipe outlet. The emergency spillway is a 20-foot-wide concrete weir with a riprap downstream channel. It will accommodate the full Probable Maximum Storm, which would drop 32 inches of rain in 48 hours.

In addition to the dam and associated reservoir, Lamp Rynearson assisted with the installation of a preconstructed crossing bridge. Using the new Trimble SX10, our survey team scanned the bolts and bridge to ensure the components would fit together prior to hiring two crane operators and their crew. The scanned data was then used to create an installation simulation in Civil 3D so contractors where prepared for the bridge rotation and setting.

Other survey services included the original topographic survey for the reservoir and planed subdivisions surrounding the reservoir to be built, construction staking and subgrade verification, bridge bolt staking, and the use of the Trimble SX10 to scan the reservoir and create a fishery habitats map.