Project: Missouri River Emergency Levee Repair Surveys

Following the 2011 Missouri River flood, Lamp Rynearson survey crews played a major role in the repair of levees.  Survey crews performed pre-construction levee surveys, staked construction limits, and provided construction staking services, easement acquisition documents, as-built drawings, and final quantity calculations for approximately 60 miles of levee repair projects and new setback levee construction from damages to the existing flood control levees. The work was performed with an accelerated schedule during the winter of 2011 and was finished during the summer of 2012. Survey crews performed scheduled services but were also “on-call” seven days a week to assist the earth-moving crews with construction issues. Lamp Rynearson CAD designers assisted with development of 3D surface models and analysis of various levee alignments.

In 2019, a similar devastating flood occurred on the Missouri River. The Lamp Rynearson crew again responded quickly to complete emergency repairs, this time on more than 75 miles of damaged levees. Services included preliminary topographic surveys, progress surveys, as-constructed surveys and construction staking for the levee repairs. Bathymetric surveys were performed on the levee breached areas to ensure quantities were accurate. Aerial drones were used to perform some of the topographic surveys and also for progress photos during the repair operations.