Project: Riverfront Redevelopment and CHI Health Center

Omaha, Nebraska

When the City of Omaha was ready to update its image and revitalize its river “front door”, it selected Lamp Rynearson for design and construction administration services for infrastructure improvements. The Omaha convention center/arena (now known as CHI Health Center) and the associated riverfront redevelopment has become a destination for Omaha’s citizens and its visitors. As a leader and coordinator of the multi-disciplined design team, Lamp Rynearson developed a Master Plan for the 120-acre site and surrounding redevelopment areas and provided infrastructure design, including grading and demolition, sanitary and storm sewers, stormwater pumping stations, combined sewer relocation, combined sewer grit removal facility, levee relocation, public streets, pedestrian circulation, parking lots, riverbank stabilization, and marina.