Project: Wattenberg Field Oil and Gas Permitting

Denver Basin, Colorado

Supporting the development of the Colorado Wattenberg Field since 2008 Lamp Rynearson specializes in the permitting of multi-well oil and gas pads sites.

Our team originates from an engineering, surveying and planning background. We take a comprehensive approach to site development from planning; municipal and regulatory compliance; conceptual renderings through to construction administration. A firm understanding of COGCC regulations allows us to provide superior services to our oil and gas clients. There is no learning curve with Lamp Rynearson—we are ready to “hit the ground running.”

The following list of services is to be viewed as a menu—choose one or all. It’s really about what service meets your specific need.

  •  Applications for Permit to Drill (APD)
  • Oil and Gas Location Assessments
  • Use by Special Review Permits (USR)
  • Well Location Plats
  • Site Planning and Layout
  • As-drilled Surveys
  • Topographic, Right-of-way and Easement Surveys
  • Site Design and Engineering
  • Drilling Completion Reports
  • Stormwater Management Plans and Permits
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

Lamp Rynearson has also created an asset management system that assists with tracking oil and gas operations with a GIS map that is connected a proprietary lease manager software. The system that we have developed provides a graphic interface that clarifies the process of dividing mineral interests among leaseholders in urban areas. This system has streamlined office procedures and has reduced the time spent developing mineral leases.